Who I am

Hi, I’m Amit Chaudhary and I live in Kathmandu - Nepal.
I’m a T-shaped engineer exploring the multidisciplinary fields of applied data science, one at a time.

What I do

Currently, I work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Fusemachines, where I help businesses impart intelligence into their products.

I’m trained in data science and machine learning through fellowships from Microsoft and Fusemachines and a Micromasters from Columbia University. I’ve been applying the data skills to highlight evidence-based issues for a non-profit organization “Code For Nepal”.

Previously, I’ve worked as a software engineer to build products for varying business domains all the way from the early prototypes to delivery to the user at scale.

Besides my core skills in data, I’m also AWS certified with proficiency architecting and developing solutions in the cloud.

About this blog

The goal of this blog is to talk about things that I’m passionate about.