Identify the Language of Text using Python

Learn how to predict the language of a given piece of text using Natural Language Processing.

Django ORM if you already know SQL

If you are migrating to Django from another MVC framework, chances are you already know SQL. In this post, I will be illustrating how to use Django ORM by drawing analogies to equivalent SQL statements.

Shutdown Ubuntu With A Keyboard Shortcut

In Windows, we can use Alt+F4 keyboard shortcut to shutdown. But Linux doesn’t have such feature out of the box. After switching to Ubuntu, I struggled trying to make a keyboard shortcut for shutting down the computer.

How to Reduce Data Usage While Browsing Internet

According to the HTTP Archive, the average webpage size has increased by 50 % per year. When you don’t have unlimited internet, using the Internet without crossing data cap seems an impossible task. But you can browse the web consuming less data.