This is a curation of web apps that I have found useful.

Tool Remarks
abtestsize Calculate sample size for A/B test
active-forks Find active forks for a github repo
aideadlines AI Conference Deadlines
asciiflow Generate diagrams in ASCII
buzzin Create online buzzer for quiz competition
clip Zero-shot image classification
composerize Convert docker run command to docker-compose
connected-papers Explore papers in visual graph
dbpedia-lookup Find wikipedia data for entities
detexify Find latex by drawing symbol
derivative-calculator Calculate derivative with steps
emoji-recommender Recommend emoji based on text
git-explorer Find git command based on what you want to do
grandpapa Generate acronyms for paper titles
httpbin Service for fake request and response
handwriting-generator Generate handwritten text in your own style Download torrent in browser
jumpr Online resume creator
jupyter-lite Client-side jupyter notebook using WASM
knowem Search username on all social-media and domain-registrar
mlart Showcase of creative ML applications
marp Write presentation in markdown
markmap Convert markdown to mindmap
noun-project Free icons for any noun
photopea Photoshop clone in browser
phrasefinder Search millions of books for language use
python-tutor-live Show execution of python step by step
pyvideo Search 16K python related videos Hyperlinked index to every module/function/class in Python standard library
random-subject-prompts Generate random prompt to write about Write using drag and drop
star-history Generate history of stars on a GitHub repo
startupdeals Free SAAS discounts for startups
tabfs Mount browser tabs as file-system
twitter-advanced-search Cheatsheet for twitter advanced search
text-to-handwriting Convert text to handwritten paper image
upgoer5 Write using only 10K most used words
wormhole Share files upto 10GB
youglish Learn pronunciation of a word from youtube
youtube-cutter Cut video part from youtube